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T3/Oat is the repository of oat phenotype and genotype data for the Global Oat Genetics Database, a project initiated in January 2014 by the following investigators. For more information see the Oat Global website.

• Gabe Gusmini (PepsiCo), • Joe Lutz (General Mills), • Bruce Roskens (Grain Millers), • Nicholas Tinker (AAFC), • Kay Simmons, Jack Okamuro, Jose Costa, Jean-Luc Jannink, and Gerard Lazo (USDA-ARS)

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The New T3/Oat is the next evolution of The Triticeae Toolbox (T3). We are in the process of transitioning all of T3's data and tools to this new system. We encourage you to leave feedback about feature improvements, missing tools, and/or any ideas you may have to improve the site.


Scab Forum Presentation

Dec 9, 2019

The presentation (with step-by-step screenshots of the demos) of T3/Breedbase given at the 2019 Wheat & Barley Scab Forum can be found here.

Accessions Loaded

Dec 16, 2019

Accession entries have been created for all ~24,000 accessions that were in T3/Classic. Accessions have associated breeding programs, synonyms and GRIN ID numbers.

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Submit Phenotype Data

Phenotype data can be submitted to T3/Oat in two ways:

Using the Sandbox

When using the sandbox, you create upload templates that contain the trial information. Then, you upload those templates to the Sandbox to check for any errors. When the trial has been successfully added you can use the Submit Trial function to submit the trial directly to us for inclusion in the production site. Visit the T3/Oat Sandbox for more information.

   Visit the T3/Oat Sandbox

Submitting files directly to us

If you have upload templates that you think are properly formatted or data files that are not formatted as upload templates, you can submit the files directly to use for inclusion in the production site by submitting them to us through the Phenotype Submission Form.

   Phenotype Submission Form

User Guides

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Blake, V., Birkett, C.L., Matthews, D.E., Hane, D., Bradbury, P., Jannink, J. 2015. The Triticeae Toolbox: Combining Phenotype and Genotype Data to Advance Small-Grains Breeding. The Plant Genome. doi: 10.3835/PlantGenome2014.12.0099.

T3/Oat is open source software and available under the MIT License and may be downloaded from GitHub.